Promotional product advertising

Promotional Product Advertising provides:

  1. Internal service quality,
  2. Satisfied and productive service employees,
  3. Greater service value,
  4. Satisfied and loyal customers,
  5. Healthy service profits and growth.

All of this suggests promotional product advertising requires more than just traditional external marketing but also requires internal marketing and interactive marketing:

Promotional Product Advertising focuses in on product attributes, branding, designing, imprinting and product support services.

1.   Product Attributes define the benefits that it will offer such as quality, features and design.

i)    Product quality the product overall durability, reliability, precision, ease of use, and other valued attributes.

ii)   Product features are a competitive tool for differentiating the competitor’s products. Promotional product advertising is from periodically surveying customers and asking these questions: how to would you like to receive xyz promotional product? Which specific features of the promotional product would you like most? Which features could we add to improve the promotional product?

iii)   Product design is another promotional product advertising way to add customer value is though distinctive product designs. Design is a larger concept than style. Style simply descries the appearance of a product. Design goes to the very heart of a product. Good design can attract attention, improve product performance, cut production costs and give the product a strong competitive advantage in the target market.

2.   Branding the name, term, sign, symbol, or design or a combination of these intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. Branding helps promotional product advertising programs in many ways. Brands also tell the receiver something about product quality. People who always buy the same brand know that they will get the same feature, benefits and quality each time they buy.

3.   Designing and producing the promotional product advertising product has numerous factors to be used as an effective and important marketing tool. Increased competition and clutter on some ones desk means that the product must now perform many sales tasks attracting attention, describing the product, and even making the sale. Good packaging creates instant consumer recognition of the company or brand.

4. Imprinting may range from simple a logo on a promotional product advertising product to complex etched graphics that are part of the final result. They perform several functions. At the very least, the imprint identifies the company, product and/or brand. The imprint might also describe several things about the company that made it, what is the important message, where is the company located, the company’s website and how it is to be remembered. Finally the imprint might promote the product though attractive graphics.

5.   Product support services that a company offers to the market place usually include some services, which can be a minor or a major part of the total offer. Promotional product support services that augment actual products.  More and more companies are using promotional product advertising product support services as a major tool in gaining competitive advantage. A company should design its advertising product and support services to profitably meet the needs of target customers the first step is to periodically survey customers to assess the value of current services and to contain ideas for new ones. Next assess the costs of providing these services and then develop services that will both delight customers and yield profits to the company.

Promotional Product Advertising can increase your company’s business in three ways:

  1. It can add new product lines, thus widening its product mix. In this way its new lines build on the company’s reputation in its other lines.
  2. Your company can lengthen its existing product lines to become a more full-line company. Or it can add more versions of each product and this deepen its product mix.
  3. Finally the company can pursue more product line consistency-or less, depending on whether it wants to have a strong reputation in a single field or in several fields.

Promotional Product Advertising in services industries vary greatly. Governments offer services through courts, employment services, hospitals, loan agencies, military services, police and fire departments, postal service, regulatory agencies and schools. Private nonprofit organizations offer services through museums, charities, churches, colleges, foundation and hospitals. A large number of business organizations offer services airlines, banks, hotels, insurance companies, consulting firms, medical and law practices, entertainment companies, advertising and research agencies and retailers.

When designing promotional product advertising programs four characteristics must be considered:

1.   Intangibility they cannot be seen, tested, felt, heard, or smelled before they are given People draw conclusions about quality from the place, people, price, equipment and communications that they can see. Therefore, your task is to make the service tangible in one or more ways.

2.   Inseparability on how they are produced and consumed at the same time and cannot be in a separated form. If a service employee provides the service, then the employee is a part of the service.

3.   Variability their quality may vary greatly, depending on who provides them and when, where and how. For e.g. some hotels say Marriott have reputations for providing better service than others.

4.  Service perishability they cannot be stored for later use.